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Battery Replacement Service

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Your vehicle’s battery is an essential piece of equipment. Without a battery, your car won’t be functional in any way. If you live in the Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, or Phoenix Arizona areas, then you know that a weak or dead battery, during the summer season especially, is a serious problem. Fortunately, Arizona Car Repair can handle your car’s battery replacement service.

Functions of a Car Battery

Even though your car’s battery takes up a small part of your engine compartment, it performs a variety of functions. The battery’s main function is to provide reserve power for when you start your car while the engine is cold. After that, the battery also provides power to your accessories such as your interior accessories, computer sensors, and headlights.

Signs of a Weak or Dead Battery

Most people notice that their battery is dead or dying when they start their car for the first time in the day. At that time, you may notice slow or uneven cranking when you turn the key. In some cases, after your car has been running, your alternator may charge up your battery and you will be fine until you let the car sit for a while. Your headlights, also, may seem weak and your check engine light may be illuminated.

Causes of a Dead Battery

Batteries naturally wear down over time and eventually stop working. However, weather conditions, such as high heat, can prematurely shorten battery life. A bad starter can also put too much of a load on your battery by drawing out too much current. Leaving your lights on will also drain your battery. You can even drain your battery if you don’t close your doors correctly and the dome light stays on all night.

How a Car Battery Replacement Service Will Help

When you schedule service at Arizona Car Repair, our technicians will look over your battery as well as perform a multi-point inspection. If your battery is leaking, damaged, or can’t hold a charge, then you must have the battery replaced. You may also benefit from new cables if your old ones are severely corroded. After the battery is replaced, then your car should start up quickly and possibly even run better.

Arizona Car Repair Has New Car Batteries for Sale

With Arizona Car Repair, you won’t have to look all over the Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler, or Phoenix Arizona area for a new battery. We can check out your old battery at our state-of-the-art service center and replace it with a new one while you wait in our comfortable waiting room. We handle all vehicle makes and will have the right battery for your car so you can continue on your way.

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At the end of the day, you want reliable service. You want to be perfectly confident that your battery is being serviced by seasoned professionals, and that’s exactly what you get with Arizona Car Repair. You can also take advantage of our plentiful amenities, including online service scheduling, complimentary Uber/Lyft services in the Gilbert, Temp, Chandler, and Phoenix areas.

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Arizona Car Repair has a tire center conveniently located in Mesa, AZ. Our certified expert technicians are trained to repair tires on any make and model and are available during extended business hours and even during Saturdays for service. While you wait in our customer lounge, enjoy access to free Wi-Fi, read emails at one of the business workstations and enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a snack.

Arizona Car Repair is committed to providing you with exceptional service and will help you to keep your car well-maintained to be enjoyed for years to come.

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