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Brake Fluid Exchange Service In Mesa, AZ

What is the most important part of your car? You might think it’s the engine. Maybe the tires come to mind. While every part of the car matters, it’s easy to make the case that the brakes are more important than anything else. Even an engineless car can slide down a hill, but without brakes, everyone is in trouble. What a lot of people don’t realize is that brakes need regular service on the fluid lines to keep them in working order. Pretty much any garage in Mesa, AZ, is going to call this service a brake fluid exchange.

Brake Fluid Exchange Explained

Your brakes function as a hydraulic device. When you step on the pedal, you are applying a compression force to specialized brake fluid. This fluid transfers that energy to the brake pads, and this is why a minimal effort from your leg is enough to stop thousands of pounds of machinery. As you might imagine, this process puts a lot of stress on the brake fluid. Over time, heat and corrupting agents can degrade and compromise the fluid, and that can have serious consequences for your ability to stop the car. The exchange service is pretty simple in concept. The technicians drain all of the brake fluid from your vehicle and replace it with fresh, new fluid that keeps everything in top shape. The service also includes an exhaustive brake inspection, so when it’s done, you know that your brakes are good to go.

Delaying Brake Fluid Exchange

Every car is different. Each model will have its own recommended schedule for servicing the brakes, but even two cars of the same year and model might ultimately need the service at different times. In general, keeping to the manufacturer’s recommendations will suffice, but there are occasions when contaminants, like water, can get into the brake lines. Whenever your fluid isn’t operating correctly, the most common symptom is that the brakes will feel spongy. You’ll notice that your stopping power isn’t the same as it was before. If you notice this problem, delaying service is dangerous. Degraded or contaminated brake fluid is only going to get worse over time. You don’t need to be told why it’s bad to have unreliable brakes. This is a car issue to take seriously.

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