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Installing a New Transmission In Mesa, AZ

When your vehicle’s transmission starts to have problems it simply can not be ignored. What the transmission does is regulate the amount of power that the wheels receive so the vehicle will move at different speeds. As you manually shift, or the vehicle automatically shifts, the gears change and will accelerate or slow down. What is commonly found for transmissions are 2 kinds, manual and automatic. Manual transmissions work by the driver using a gear shift and clutch to shift gears manually. Automatics, the vehicle shifts itself as you accelerate and decelerate. Both types of transmissions are basically the same when there are problems.

Replacing Your Transmission

Some serious trouble can happen when the transmission does not work correctly. The fuel economy can decrease and your vehicle may become undrivable. Constant repair services become costly as problems worsen. If nothing major has been severely damaged, newer vehicles may be ok with minor fixes. When the problems are left unchecked, transmission replacement may be the cheapest option. Older vehicles may have more severe transmission issues as they age.

What Happens if I don’t Replace My Transmission?

Sluggish and improper acceleration, unusual noises when changing gears, fluids that leak, these and other signs indicate there is a problem. A complete inspection of your transmission by trained auto technicians will assure that problems are recognized and corrected. If left unserviced, the car will become inoperable as the transmission fails. If your vehicle is unable to change gears It will freeze and cease to move. It will stop completely which could leave you stranded. This also creates a hazard for you and for other drivers, in addition to leaving you without a vehicle to drive. The recommendation is to have your vehicle’s transmission inspected. This will keep your transmission working at peak performance. The transmission may need to be replaced and sometimes is the only solution. Experienced auto technicians are often required for this type of service.

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